Weight Watcher Restaurant Meals You Can Enjoy

Weight Watcher Restaurant Meals You Can Enjoy

Today most restaurants are catering to the demands of people who eat healthier, and that even includes fast food restaurants.  Today there are weight watcher restaurant meals you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Sure you wouldn’t want to do it everyday but occasionally will do no damage especially if you follow your point program.  So let’s have a look at what these restaurants are offering.

Chick Fil A is a fast food restaurant that doesn’t just serve fast food.  There menu has no processed foods and they offer a nice selection of healthy choices such as a chicken salad, chicken salad on wheat bread, and a char grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bread. They offer a full selection of low fat dressings to choose from, as well as chicken soup, fruit cups, and carrot raisin.  Here’s a restaurant that’s ahead of the game recognizing what it is people are looking for in fast food today.  Weight watcher restaurant meals can be found here.

McDonalds has had an image for being unhealthy for a very long time but they are trying hard to make changes that will cater more to the health conscious customer.  That means they now provide meal suggestions that include the total fat and total calories for each meal. They also offer healthier choices like the chicken wrap, fruit cup, yogurt, and apple dippers.  They may not be quite there but they sure are working on it and they should be applauded for changing their oils.

Subway has a lot to offer with its low calorie subs and fresh fit meals, which include a 6 inch, sub with a side and a bottle of water.  The side can be apple slices, raisins, or a garden salad.  Sides vary depending on the Subway restaurant.  They openly post all calorie and fat counts making it easy to choose weight watcher restaurant meals here.

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Wendy’s offers a lot of information on their foods and they also offer a gluten free menu and a menu for diabetics.  They have baked potatoes, salads, and grilled chicken so if you choose wisely you can get a decent meal here but if you aren’t careful you’ll be high in fats before you know it.

Zaxby’s offers fried chicken which in today’s age is not the best alternative, however the do offer light dressings and salads and a char grilled chicken sandwich.  Perhaps some work to do yet before they catch up with some of the fast food restaurant leaders.

Taco Bell has a fairly healthy menu for fast food and if you are on a diet you can have the Fresco option, which substitutes the salsa for any other cheese or sauce.  Many aren’t aware of this.  Their menu is fairly low in fat and calories overall.

Just a few of the more common fast food restaurants all working towards offering weight watcher restaurant meals.  With obesity being a huge health problem and more of us demanding better choices when we eat out at a fast food restaurant one must wonder what the fast food restaurant of the next generation will look like.  Will it offer weight watcher restaurant meals ?