Low Calorie Water

Low Calorie Water

There are many reasons why some people have that extra weight that is so annoying to them and a health risk. Whether ones high weight is due to hereditary factors, stress, overeating or just unhealthy eating, shedding some of this weight is always a welcome option. Low calorie water is one of the newest agents that is said to answer the question can water help you lose weight.

Ordinary tap water is zero calories water in that it has no calories. On the other hand, low calorie water or skinny water as it is commonly referred to, has about 9 calories per every 500 ml of the liquid. This water has been processed with chromium and L- carnitine which are the ingredients which supposedly help people to lose weight.

Working mechanism

Healthy waters important ingredients in helping shed off some weight are L- carnitine and chromium. L carnitine helps in conversion of fats into energy. In this sense, it induces fast oxidation of fats by burning up the fats hence reducing the amounts of fats in the body; reducing weight. It is a vitamin like chemical which is naturally found in proteins (dairy products and meat).

Chromium is the other ingredient contained in healthy water. It is said to regulate levels of blood sugar and is thus thought to inhibit or reduce cravings. Taking healthy water hence reduces your appetite for food and other calorie drinks hence making the body metabolize whatever fats supplies are in the body and this essentially helps you shed off some weight; since you are not adding any more calories in your body and the ones already in are being utilized by the body.

Water weight loss

Water weight loss may be defined as intake of water regularly and exclusively to help in losing weight. Generally, taking in water regularly makes you feel full hence your food cravings is always less; so you dont eat much. Being thirsty may also be confused by the body as being hungry since the two drives (thirst and hunger) are closely related. Frequent intake of water, hence keeps the thirst drive under control and does not arouse the hunger drive.

Intake of this skinny water is recommended at at least 4(four) 500ml bottles a day with the water being taken some time before any meal to reduce ones appetite. One can take as much of this water as they desire. The 9 calories in the water are meant to beef up your calorie level a little to avoid your body running out of energy due to the reduced eating and fast burning of fats that is induced by the water and its ingredients.

Low calorie water flavor

One may flavor their water to increase their intake. Flavoring of healthy water is usually done by adding any of the following choices of additives (which do not have any extra calories and they make your water taste much better): pomegranate juice, lemon, cucumber, frozen berries, orange, mint, lime etc.